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Be Well Group of hospitals is establishing a new order of health care delivery to ensure accessible, affordable, and quality care available to all. You will find seamless care for all your medical needs because we have brought our entire multidisciplinary team of experts together to provide advanced treatment for you.

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Obstetrics & Gynecology

Pregnancy is a challenging and exciting time. A Women’s body and soul undergo a lot of changes during the pregnancy period. Women need special care of them during this period. Our obstetrics and gynecology department is well-equipped with all the latest facilities and runs under the supervision of the best gynecology and obstetricians. Our obstetrics unit is right there with to-be-mothers from the very beginning. Everything from sonography, blood tests, vaccinations, etc., are pre-planned and executed as per the instructions of the medical experts.

High-risk pregnancies are given the required importance, and any complications are treated with the help of concerned specialists. However, an emergency cesarean is the safest option in some cases and is done with utmost care. Our doctors are committed to provide world-class healthcare for expectant women. We provide comprehensive prenatal and postpartum care for both mother and child. Family planning programs and counseling is also accessible for couples who need it.

Our gynecology department puts in great efforts to spread awareness about women’s reproductive health. Some of the services include: treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), management of menopause, laparoscopic surgeries, preventive care for reproductive diseases, treatment of endometriosis, medical treatment of fungal and other infections, management of cysts and cancerous growth in any organ of the reproductive tract. All other diseases and disorders related to the uterus, fallopian tube, ovaries, and breasts are also treated using up-to-date medical knowledge and technology.


Comprehensive maternal and fetal monitoring

Comprehensive pre-natal & postpartum care

Family planning programs

Laparoscopic surgeries

Management of high-risk pregnancy and obstetrics

Menopause managemen

Support and counseling for the family


  • We have brought our entire multidisciplinary team of experts together to provide advanced treatment for you

  • We have highly qualified and experienced doctors team

  • We are screening, masking, and using advanced sterilization procedures to keep you safe when you enter.

  • Be Well offers you Afforadable and Accessible Price for all

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