Inspired to make a difference in healthcare

Some sparks can lead to a positive revolution. Here is one such story. The success of Be Well Hospitals is driven by the commitment of Dr. C.J. Vetrievel and Mr. C. Lakshmanan. Dr.Vetrivel provides the holistic as well as healthcare perspective and Mr.Lakshmanan is engaged with the financial backbone needed to support such a venture. Together they work to keep the high quality services of Be Well, affordable and accessible.

The unwavering focus of the Management has been to provide patient-centric care in underserved geographies. The first Be Well hospital was started in Pondicherry, a Union Territory in the state of Tamil Nadu, in 2011, saving the local patients from travelling long distances for treatment. That was the beginning of their inspired journey. Seven more hospitals have been added to the network since, benefiting thousands more every day. And the network is growing.

Dr. Vetrievel Chocanathan, Founder and Chairman of Be Well Hospitals

Dr. C.J. Vetrievel.

Founder, Chairman & Managing Director.

Dr. Vetrievel is an Orthopedic Surgeon and has practiced medicine for a decade at various international medical institutions in Maldives, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia. Prior to founding Be Well hospitals, he was the Chief Operating Officer of the Projects Division of Apollo Hospitals, Chennai. He has held many senior managerial positions in the Apollo Hospitals group for more than ten years and was in charge of setting up large scale Multispecialty Hospitals in India and abroad.