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Anal fistulas are generally the result of an anal gland that has developed a pus-filled infection (abscess). This infection results in an abscess that drains spontaneously or is drained surgically through the skin next to the anus. The fistula then creates a tunnel underneath the skin and connects with the infected gland.
Most of the time, an abscess causes a fistula. it's rare some conditions that can cause an anal fistula include: Crohn's disease, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, or an illness that affects your bowels movements.

  • Blind (open on one end only, but connects to two structures)
  • Complete (has openings both outside and inside the body)
  • Horseshoe (connects the anus to the surface of the skin after going around the rectum)
  • Incomplete (a tube from the skin that is closed on the inside and does not connect to any internal structure)

Where a fistula is likely to form:

  • An artery and vein
  • Bile ducts and the surface of the skin (from gallbladder surgery)
  • The cervix and vagina
  • The neck and throat
  • The space inside the skull and nasal sinus
  • The bowel and vagina
  • The colon and surface of the body, causing feces to exit through an opening other than the anus
  • The stomach and surface of the skin
  • The uterus and peritoneal cavity (space between the walls of the abdomen and internal organs)
  • An artery and vein in the lungs (results in blood not picking up enough oxygen in the lungs)
  • The navel and gut

Surgery is almost necessary to cure an anal fistula and is usually done on a daycare basis. For a simple fistula that isn’t too close to your anus, in this procedure, the surgeon will cut open the skin and muscle surrounding the tunnel. this allows the fistula tract to heal from the bottom up. In the case of a more complex fistula, the surgeon might place a special tube called a seton into the opening. This helps drain the infected fluid before surgery.


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Fistula must be treated because they will not heal on their own

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