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Anaesthesiology Pain Management Chennai

Anaesthetists play a vital role not just in the success of a surgery but in the recovery of the patient as well. At Be Well, the Anaesthesiology department is involved right from pre-operative anaesthetic evaluation, creating an anaesthesia plan for the operation to maintaining a comfortable state for the patients after the surgery. Anaesthetists at Be Well continue to be responsible for the clinical management of the patient throughout the procedure. Best Anaesthesiology Pain Management Chennai.

Anesthesia basically causes the loss of sensation, Sometimes there will the loss of consciousness and there will be only loss of sensation but not consciousness. This is used to relieve the pain of the patient during and after the surgery. In any hospital in Chennai or other city the anaesthesiology department should consists of high level of experts since it plays very crucial role and highly related to life of the patient. We at Bewell have best anaesthetists on board who are experts in anaesthesia and postoperative pain management.

Bewell is one of the best hospitals which offers services like Anaesthesiology and Pain Management in Chennai. General anesthesia is where the patient will be placed in the pharmacologic coma. And regional anesthesia is where the only particular region of the body is induced with analgesia. Nowadays for many surgeries including the surgeries for childbirth regional anesthesia is only required. This regional anesthesia does not involve any risks.

Uses of Pain Management Service:

  • Pre-anesthesia checkup prior to any surgery to decide on modality of anesthesia for each patient
  • General and regional anaesthesia for all surgical specialities including Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery,Paediatric and General Surgery
  • Post operative pain relief services
  • Obstetric epidural for women in labour
  • Resuscitation of accident and emergency patients and those in wards
  • Ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia and vascular access
  • Palliative pain control as part of end of life care

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