Laparoscopic Surgery in Chennai


General & Laparoscopic Surgery in Chennai

General Surgery is the treatment of injury, deformity and disease using operative procedures. It is frequently performed to alleviate suffering when a cure is unlikely through medication alone. At Be Well, we are committed to excellence in surgical care providing the safest and effective care for the patients. New methods and techniques are less invasive than previous practices. Laparoscopic Surgery in Chennai at Bewell Hospitals.

We use laparoscopy treatment, a modern technique where surgeries are performed through small incisions. This technique causes less post-operative pain and allows faster healing with smaller permanent scars. Best hospitals for laparoscopic surgery treatment in Chennai.

Laparoscopy allows the doctors to access the inside of the abdomen by using laparoscopy, a small tube that is attached with the camera. It is also known as key hole surgery. The laparoscopic surgery is advantageous in many ways over the traditional surgery due to the smaller incisions. This leads to faster recovery, shorter stay at hospital, reduced scarring and lesser risk. It is helpful in diagnosing and treating wide range of problems inside the abdomen and pelvic floor.

Laparoscopy is used to study and treat reproductive health issues, digestive system problems, and other conditions affecting the  urinary system. This surgery will let you leave the home very next day of the surgery and you can return to your normal activities in a  week. Bewell is one of the best multispeciality hospital in Chennai,  offering Laparoscopic surgery and treatments. Our Laparoscopic surgery specialists are highly experienced and performed many surgeries to treat different health conditions.

Some of the procedures performed for laparoscopic surgery Treatment:

  • Cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal)
  • Bile duct operation
  • Liver biopsy
  • Diagnostic laparoscopy
  • Closure and treatment for perforated ulcers and other ulcer problems
  • Conditions requiring removal of part or all of the colon (colectomy)
  • Weight reduction operations.