Beyond the call of duty

Be Well Hospitals was established to address the lack of quality healthcare in under-served towns and locations. While some may consider this in itself a contribution to society, we at Be Well take our responsibilities seriously. Many Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs for common people are implemented. Special seminars are designed to disseminate healthcare information among the medical fraternity too.

Screening….at schools, villages and organizations. We ensure maximum number of people benefit from health camps organized through our medical personnel and support staff.

Health EducatIon….through folk artist programs, awareness through speakers spreading the message of hygiene and information on health issues, shifiting the community focus from ‘get well’ to be well.

Chronic disease management programs…for diabetes, asthma, back pain, skin disorders etc. are conducted at the centres at regular intervals.

Emergency preparedness programs…for training ambulance drivers and auto drivers on Basic Life Support measures.

Continuous Medical Education….to keep the medical fraternity updated on the latest in the field of healthcare. We facilitate the sharing of current medical information to encourage progress in the field.

Employing local expert resources….through ‘son-of-the-soil’ programs where we encourage healthcare professionals to happily contribute to the betterment of their own towns instead of migrating away.