Liver being most crucial and largest organ, plays a major role in transforming nutrients into energy including cleansing blood, eliminating toxins, storing vitamins and minerals. It is important to know that Individual’s everyday bad habit accounts to the risks of gradual liver damage that a person might not be even aware of or even be unnoticed without any symptoms on a longer run. Over a longer period, the condition would be worsen and critical that normal day wouldn’t be possible without a healthier liver.

Excessive Alcohol

One of the top most cause of liver damage is heavy alcohol consumption. Excess intake of Alcohol reduces the liver’s capability of eliminating toxins from the body leading to an increase level in red blood cell volume affecting person’s overall health. The effectiveness of the liver function reduces as it focuses more on converting alcohol to a reduced toxic form leading to inflammation and fatty liver disease.
Not Drinking Enough Water and Overuse of Medications
The human body consists of 66% of water. Reduced intake of water (8 glasses per day) leads to liver dehydration, tends to lose its longevity and is unable to care for the rest of the body.Consuming too much of certain medications can progressively harm the liver.


Indirect harm to the liver is Cigarette.The toxic chemical particles in cigarette smoke gradually reach the liver, leading to oxidative stress, which makes the liver to produce free radicals which can harm the liver cells.

Sleep Deprivation

People who suffer from Sleep deprivation create oxidative stress. Sleep deprived people also suffer from an extensive range of health problems, such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and more.

Eating Excessive Processed Foods

Processed foods consists of various chemicals such as, additives, preservatives, and flavoringsmaking it as s challenge for the liver to break down the food causing live damage.

Too Much Sugar in Diet

Bad sugars in the diet needs to be suppressed. What is bad sugar? The high fructose that is present in foods like bread, ice cream, juices, and sodas. Meanwhile, the major portion of sugar (glucose) is metabolized by the cell in the human body, whereas, only liver cells can handle fructose. If too much fructose consumed over time, the liver can suffer irreparable damage.

Engaging in Unsafe Sex

Engaging in unsafe sex with multiple partners, could be a more significant danger to the health of the liver than a person may think. The most noticeable risk is that a person could contract hepatitis. Hepatitis C is a potentially deadly liver ailment that can be sexually transmitted.

Not Getting Enough Exercise

Liver diseases are common with people who have sedentary lifestyle. During exercise, the body pores are opened, perspiration is improved which helps in detoxification.
As liver is vulnerable to the effects of a highly processed diet, stress, and toxins, the antioxidant-boosting herbs and vegetables can improve the health of the liver. We at BeWell Hospitals, provide one of the best treatments for liver failure. For patient with live issues, the best practice is to follow right habits in everyday routine.

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