Total Knee Replacement surgery is a procedure where the affected or injured knee joint is replaced with an artificial element. This procedure although feared by many offers complete cure for knee related problems. The Knee joint acts as a medium of connection between thighs and legs. The surgery has a vital role to play in the case of ailing patients from different age group. Those who require total knee replacement surgery include elders, sportspersons with multiple surgeries in the knees and obese people with poor bone density. There would be an artificial joint like structure which would be surgically fixed with the Knee as a replacement for the Knee joint. Total Knee Replacement surgeries have become very common today and people have got all the necessary awareness about it.
A Total Knee Replacement Surgery
A Total knee replacement surgery involves sequence of steps. However, apart from surgery, recovery and rehabilitation are key for the patient to become normal. The lower part of the femur bone is replaced with a metallic element. Also, the upper part of the lower leg’s piece is chopped out and attached with a piece of plastic shell. In addition, a plastic button which holds the two segments are inserted. This forms the new knee joint for the patient. The plastic bearing moves with the assistance of the metal surface. Usually normal patients don’t have to worry a lot when compared to those suffering from Arthritis and other injuries. Your doctor could best evaluate the necessity of a Total Knee replacement surgery to be performed or not.
Although there are risks associated with this surgery, many have gone through it well and are leading normal lives. A most common risk is the Knee infection which is pretty common for those who had underwent a total knee replacement surgery. In a very few cases, the Knee infection could make the doctors to think for another surgery to get things to normal. As mentioned above, the surgery would get over in a couple of hours. But the stage of recovery seems to be crucial. Initially pain exists till you get going normal. Gradually the level of pain lowers down. The degree of pain lowering down enables you to gradually catch up with your normal routine. Although doctors and medical expert’s advice not to get involved in physically tedious process that disturbs the knees, the knees could take a few days for healing. Doctors advice two or three months of controlled activities after which they observe the progress of the knees.
Patients who had successfully underwent Total Knee replacement surgery could avail the assistance of a CPM machine. The CPM machine is known as the Continuous Passive Machine which assists patients who have had underwent knee surgery. It is first attached to the legs. Then the machine works by consistently moving the knees to different directions which have been already assigned. It helps the patient relax and as well as offer some practice to the knees. Rehabilitation and Knee therapy helps patients to improve on their health, especially their knees.
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