Tips for Managing Diabetes in Summer Heat

There are a number of hospitals available in Chennai offering treatment for Diabetes and related symptoms. Diabetes is a condition where you live with a risk at the back of your mind wherever you go. It is  advisable to take precautionary measures in what you eat and what sort of lifestyle you follow. There are a lot of ways experts suggest on how to manage diabetes. With the number of hospitals increasing day by day, it is essential for anyone to find the right treatment. Bewell Hospitals offer service oriented treatment for the wellness of the society. Our esteemed doctors offer exclusive tips to manage diabetes and carry on with best lifestyle habits during Summer. In this fast paced world, men and women as young as 30 – 35yrs are being diagnosed diabetic. The reason for this shocking study reveals many interesting facts. About a decade ago, people over 50 yrs were prone to diabetes, they were offered treatment to keep it under control. But today’s case is way different. The reason behind this scenario is the change in lifestyle habits.

Almost 90% of the population works sitting for about 9 to 10 hours. They risk their life’s sitting extra hours when required and this in turn adds up to the damage. Change in food habits tends to have an unexpected impact in our body. It disturbs the metabolism and hormone secretion. Insulin production is either minimized or maximized according to the lifestyle habits and could produce a serious impact. When insulin secretion is abnormal, your Human Body suffers loss of appetite or extra ordinary hunger. Either of the above cases are related to Diabetes. Doctors and medical practitioners at Bewell Hospitals offer exclusive care towards patients. Summer is a challenging part of the year for those diabetic.  Ours is one among the recognized diabetes hospitals in Chennai. Our doctors offer age based advice to people who suffer from diabetes. We treat diabetic patients as one among all to make them feel comfortable. The comfort level lets them feel they could fight diabetes and heat simultaneously. The above mental frame could act as a supportive frame to fight diabetes. Doctors at Bewell Hospitals always advice people with diabetes to go on with sufficient fluid intake during Summer. Carrying a Water Bottle during hot days makes their work easy. There are two different types of diabetic conditions detected, they are Diabetes insipidus and Diabetes Mellitus.

Diabetes Insipidus is a condition where a person suffers from frequent thirst and followed by unusual discharge of dilute urine. This is a condition where Kidney’s are unable to function properly initially and if not treated at the right time, could prove fatal. On the other hand, Diabetes Mellitus is a condition where insulin levels are abnormal, either more or less. Insulin is required to process sugars. Diabetes Mellitus is detected when unprocessed sugars mix with blood. Managing diabetes is easy when a advised lifestyle habits are followed. These include offering physical activity to the body. Normally, a daily walk or a mild jog could boost up your immunity and metabolism. This in turn boosts up the inner power house which rectifies errors internally if any. Healthy food intake followed by essential fluids and water levels adds up to offer healthy internal system. Although medication is to be followed according to the directions of doctors, it is easier to fight diabetes with these helpful tips.

Fight diabetes with Bewell Hospitals. Live life your way with healthy lifestyle advices from our group of expert doctors. Stand as a role model for managing to live with diabetes under scorching sun.

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