The duration of menstrual cycle in women is 28 days. This duration differs from time to time as the natural process is unpredictable. A woman, considered nature’s wonder, suffers unbearable pain during child birth. Around 27-30% women suffer from irregular periods. Some do not know what’s wrong and many don’t even know what to do. Hormonal imbalance also triggers irregular periods. Sometimes ovulation doesn’t occur during the cycle. This delays the menstruation and the cycle tends to get disturbed. Some have menstrual bleeding within the stipulated 28 days and others get delayed with the process.

Reasons for Irregular Periods

1) Stress

Stress takes a heavy toll. It could literally make things get worse physically as well as mentally in women. Today, almost everyone are out and leading their own life. Working population constitutes an equal presence of women

2) Thyroid/ PCOD

              Thyroid in women may also cause irregular periods. The hormone secretion takes a hammering. In addition, PCOD (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is also a condition which could create problems related to periods and irregularity.

3) Time

Women regardless of age suffer from irregular periods. From her early 20s towards the middle years she faces a lot of struggle. Her lifestyle, work, duties differ from person to person and time to time.

Ovulation Period is the time frame which helps you to conceive a child. This is the best phase for conception with respect to fertility. Your doctor could suggest about the exact Ovulation Period and the cycle. Predicting Ovulation could be beneficial if you are planning to have a baby. Talk with your partner and doctor about your health. How to Calculate Ovulation might be another question. In fact it might be the next doubt. Calculating Ovulation is neither easy nor difficult. It requires some knowledge about self. The Common ovulation period ranges between 14th or 15th day from the commencement of your Menstrual Cycle.  So the next time if you are in a disturbed menstrual cycle, do not panic. Just calculate the day from which menstruation started. The 14th day from the start of the menstruation would be the time of Ovulation.

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